Cold Cups

Empress Polypropylene Cups

Empress Polypropylene Cups are great for cold liquids, but are also strong enough to hold warm liquids. Polypropylene has good chemical resistance, making them a good vapor barrier. These cups are durable and crack resistant while being fully recyclable.

Item# Description Pack
E5P-1000 5 oz Polypropylene Cup 20/50
E7P-1000 7 oz Polypropylene Cup 20/50
E9P-1000 9 oz Polypropylene Cup 20/50
E9P-1000W 9 oz Wrapped Polypropylene Cup 20/50
E10P-1000 10 oz Polypropylene Cup 20/50
E12P-1000 12 oz Polypropylene Cup 20/50
E16P-1000 16 oz Polypropylene Cup 20/50

Empress Polypropylene Translucent Cups

Made from durable Polyproylene, Empress Translucent Cups are great for serving small refreshments or offering tasting samples at concession stands and kiosks. Translucency allows for fast product identification while the rolled rim ensures easy sipping.

Item# Description Pack
E5TRANS Translucent Cup 5 oz Polypropylene 25/100
E7TRANS Translucent Cup 7 oz Polypropylene 25/100
E9TRANS Translucent Cup 9 oz Polypropylene 25/100
E10TRANS Translucent Cup 10 oz Polypropylene 10/100
E12TRANS Translucent Cup 12 oz Polypropylene 20/50
E16TRANS Translucent Cup 16 oz Polypropylene 20/50

Empress Polystyrene Cups

Empress Polystyrene Cups are an economical choice for your favorite beverages. They remain rigid and tough, while being lightweight. These versatile cups are perfect for catering, schools, home-users etc, with an upscale look and excellent value pricing. Available in a range of sizes from 5 to 16 oz, these single serve cups will accommodate your cold cup needs.

Item# Description Pack
EK5B 5 oz Translucent cold cup 28/90
EK7A 7 oz Translucent cold cup 25/100
EK9A 9 oz Translucent cold cup 25/100
EK10A 10 oz Translucent cold cup 25/100
EK12A 12 oz Translucent cold cup 20/50
EK14A 14 oz Translucent cold cup 20/50
EK16A 16 oz Translucent cold cup 20/50

Empress PET Cups

Empress PET cups and lids are made from an extremely clear, durable, and tough material. PET is an odor and flavor resistant thermoplastic resin, meaning it can maintain the original flavor and aroma of food and beverages placed in them. PET cups are freeze, heat, and crack resistant, which helps make them one of the most popular plastic materials in the market. Empress PET cups are available in 8 different sizes, ranging from 9 to 32 ounces, and offer even more merchandising options with flat, straw slotted, and dome lids.

Item# Description Pack
EPET09 9oz PET Clear Cup 20/50
EPET10 10oz PET Clear Cup 20/50
EPET12T 12oz Tall PET Clear Cup 20/50
EPET12S 14oz/12oz Squat PET Clear Cup 20/50
EPET16 16oz PET Clear Cup 20/50
EPET20 20oz PET Clear Cup 20/50
EPET24 24oz PET Clear Cup 20/30
EPET32 32oz PET Clear Cup 10/50

Empress PET Dome Lids, With Hole

Item# Description Pack
EPETDL12SH Dome Lid w/Hole Fits 12oz squat - 24oz PET 20/50

Empress PET Dome Lids, Without Hole

Item# Description Pack
EPETDL8 Dome Lid Fits 10oz PET Cups 20/100
EPETDL12T Dome Lid Fits 9oz squat 12oz tall 20/50

Empress PET Flat Lids, Straw Slot

Item# Description Pack
EPETFL8 Flat Lid - Fits 10oz PET Cup 20/100
EPETFL12T Flat Lid - Fits 9oz Squat 12oz PET Tall Cups 20/50
EPETFL12S Flat Lid - Fits 12oz Squat, 16oz, 20oz, 24oz PET Cups 20/50
EPETFL32 Flat Lid - Fits 32oz PET Cups 10/50

Empress PET Flat Lids, No Straw Slot

Item# Description Pack
EPETFL12T-NH Flat Lid - Fits 9oz Squat, 12oz Cups, No Slot 20/50



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