Premium Paper Napkins

Empress Elite Beverage Napkins

Ideal for restaurants, bars and nightclubs, Empress Elite Premium Napkins are deeply embossed to provide a bulkier, more absorbent offering. Poly packaged to lock out moisture.

Item# Description Inner Packs Case Pack
ELBN 850013 Beverage Napkin, 9" X 9", 1-Ply, White 8/500 4,000ct

Empress Elite Dinner Napkins

Empress Elite Dinner Napkins are embossed to provide a bulky, soft feel while providing the strength to tackle even the messiest snacks and meals. Poly packaged to keep the napkins clean and sanitary.

Item# Description Inner Packs Case Pack
ELDN 141717 Dinner Napkin, 1-Ply, 17" x 17", 1/4 Fold, White 16/250 4,000ct
ELDN 215713 Dinner Napkin Pillow Pack, 15" X 17", 2-Ply, 1/8 Fold, White 20/150 3,000ct

Empress Elite Interfold Dispenser Napkins

Empress Elite Dispenser Napkins come in a variety of sizes to fit all your meal service needs. They are poly packaged to ensure a clean and sanitary experience.

Item# Description Inner Packs Case Pack
ELQS 600011 Interfold Dispenser Napkin, 12.5" X 8.5", 1/4 Fold, 1-Ply, White 12/500 6,000ct
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